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Privacy policy

1. General

  1. Bees™ is responsible for the entire site and all text, photo, graphics, video, and audio content contained therein by Bees LLC The User must use the Site in accordance with this policy.
    If you do not agree to these terms, we recommend that you refrain from accessing or using the Site.
  2. Bees LLC have the right to do. Changes are effective from the moment they are published on the site. If a user uses a change in a condition after it has been published, it is considered accepted.

2. Intellectual Property

  1. The intellectual property of all text, sound, graphics, logos, photos, videos and other content published on the Site is guaranteed in accordance with the applicable laws of Mongolia.
  2. Any content on the Site may be used only by users. Bees LLC may not reproduce, publish, or use the Content without permission.
  3. Copying and downloading any content on the Site does not transfer ownership. warns.

3. Third Party Content

  1. The Site publishes content from third-party sources on a contractual basis.
  2. These content will have its own authors and owners, and the Site may not possess it outside the terms of the Agreement.
  3. The Site is not responsible for the ideas, opinions, accuracy or position of third party content. Users have a personal responsibility to evaluate the accuracy and position of these content.

4. Advertising

  1. The Site reserves the right to place advertisements for commercial purposes.
  2. The Site is not involved in any relationship between the user and the advertiser and is not responsible for any disputes or misunderstandings that may arise.
  3. All trademarks and services of Bees LLC published on the Site are the property of the organization.
  4. The trademarks of third parties published on the Site are the property of their respective owners. property.
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Privacy Policy

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